Bookcover with zipper A tutorial

A while ago I made this bookcover for a friend. I thought this would be a great project for my very first tutorial. Please let me know how you think it turned out so I can adjust my future tutorials.


-          Fabric for inside and outside of cover

-          Fabric for side of cover

-          Zipper; Length: 2xb+c+d

-          ca. 1cm wide elastic

striped areas are wrong side of fabric; filled areas are right side of fabric

——- seam

Meassure book:

a How thick ist he book, b wide of book, c hight of book, d seam allowance

Cut fabric:

1x Fabric outside (pink) and 1x inside (orange) of the cover

2x Fabric fort he sides (green)


Sew zipper on the fabric fort he side. First one side then the second one. Be careful that the seams don’t show on the right side!

 Sew Zipper tot he Coverfabric

Open the zipper and pin it tot he right side oft he cover fabric. Pin one side and sew, repeat with the other side.

Here it gets a little complicated because the fabric gets all wobbly… just be patient and continue on.

 Sew in elastic

Fix the elastic with a few stitches so the book can be fixed inside the cover later on.

Sew together inside and outside

Sew together both sides of the cover, right sides together.  Be careful to leave an opening for turning the fabric!


Turn everything and topstitch the opening shut!

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